The 22nd of March 2020, is mother's day in the UK this year. Across, the world mother's day is celebrated differently and on different dates. Most countries celebrate mother's day on the same day as the Americans. But the truth is there is no right way or right date to celebrate mother's Day. We all have traditions that we follow on this special day.

For instance, I remember when I was in Primary School during mother's day my mother would usually give me and my sister £10 to go to our local shopping centre to buy her a gift for mother’s day. It’s weird but I used to get so excited that she would trust us to actually go out and buy her a gift. To be quite honest, my mother is a difficult person to buy a gift for (just like me lol). We would usually end up buying her a nice plant from Marks & Spencer and use the spare change to buy her a lovely mother's day card from M&S . Even though, my mother knew exactly what we were going to get her for mother’s day (we basically got her the same present every year) she would still act shocked, surprised and grateful each time despite the fact that she actually paid for her own gift.

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When I started Secondary School, I started to get pocket money for my lunch and for little snacks during break time. Every year, I would save a decent amount of money near the end of February in order to buy her a gift right in time for mother’s day. I was actually proud of myself, I was able to save my own money to buy her a gift. I once saved money to buy her a purse from United Colours of Benetton. I don’t actually remember exactly how much this purse costed, but I was so pleased with myself once again. As always, I would buy her a card from my favourite place M&S (I just love their cards, they are just different) and sign both of my siblings’ names inside the card. My mother is actually a card person. She literally has every card that we have ever brought her and made for her. I am not a card person myself, I struggle to express myself inside cards. So I always find a card that expresses or summarises exactly what I want to say to her. Okay, I am not that bad, I usually write one or two lines inside the card. Let me get back to the purse now... She does not use the purse anymore, because it's old now, but she still has it and occasionally she says “do you remember when you got me this purse?” and I just laugh it off because to be honest the purse is not that nice anymore. What was I thinking?

The last couple of years we have decided not to buy my mum a gift for mother’s day.Instead, we go out as a family to a nice restaurant that we have never been before. Well, I say that but it actual depends on her mood. Sometimes, she just craves a cheeky Nando’s or she would literally let us order pizza from Pizza Hut and sit in the living room and chat for a very long time. Just to summarise everything the deal is, we go out for dinner on mother’s day and on her birthday, which is in April, we go all out, presents and restaurant.This year, we have not decided on where we are going yet as a family, so typical. We might just wing it. One thing I will not forget is that M&S card, I am sure you are all tired of reading M&S in this post by now.

I hope you enjoyed my little story time, I thought it would be a good idea to share my mother’s day traditions with you guys. Share yours in the comment box below. I am not yet a mother, but here are some great gift ideas I know I would love :

Before you go, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy belated women's international day. I believe that all women are great and uniques human beings and just like what James Brown said " This is a man's world... but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl".

See you soon and thank you for stopping by once again.



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