You are either a bag person or a shoe person. Is it possible to be both? Sometimes I believe that I am both. However, when I look inside my closet it is obvious that I am clearly a bag person. To be honest, I do not actually own any 'Luxury Bags'. I do however invest in good quality bags that I like. But I do not own your typical luxury bags from Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Chole and ect.. But if I was a rich girl... and had all the money in the world (Gwen Stefani's song) I would most likely invest in these bags:


Okay, I am obsessed with the classic padded cassette bag. I am sure everyone has seen the classic bag everywhere on social media and the dupe versions in nearly every store. House of Bottega Vereta has extended their cassette bag collection by introducing this new bag. They have modernised the classic, simple look by adding a chunky gold chain to modernise the bag, which I love.(The bag is currently not out yet, it would most likely be sold in multiple colours like the classic bag). The classic padded cassette bag retails for £2,090, so I guessing this would be more expensive.


I know spring is not here yet, well if you live in the UK it's definitely not here yet. But I can not help but be drawn to these spring colours. Pastel pink, has become my new favourite colour and there is no doubt that pastel colours will be in this season. This unique bag is the prefect shade of pink, that can instantly elevate any regular outfit during spring and summer. This bag retails for £505 and comes in various colours.


I discovered this brand when I walked into Selfridges and I fell in love with their Karl collection. This sophisticated bag comes in different sizes, big, medium and small. I love a small bag as long as it is practical and my phone can fit inside. This bag retails for around £700+ and can be purchased in most luxury stores.


Now this bag is definitely designed for the typical trendy girl that loves streetwear like me. I don't really have much to say about this bag expect for the fact that I need this bag in my life. Its so popular that the price has gone up recently. Its competitor is the Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessories bag, I prefer the Prada one, it can be worn with any outfit and it's cheaper. This bag retails for £860.

I know my list is not that long, but if I was a wealthy girl I would definitely get these bags. Well, one day I might be able to afford them without thinking twice or giving my bank account a heart attack. In the meantime, I will stick to the high street.Here are some bags that you might be interested in from the high street that looks similar to some of the most wanted luxury bags out there this year.

As always thank you for stopping by again, see you soon.

Beverley x

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