Things to do whilst staying home

If you have the luxury of staying home and working from home during this crisis then you are lucky. As you know many of us do not have this luxury.

Instead of writing about fashion or about me, I am going to write about how you can keep yourself entertained whilst at home. I know that some people are bored and stressed about staying home. Staying at home is not actually a problem, but being told to stay home is the actual problem. I am a loner and I love staying home so this does not effect me that much, I like my own company. I slightly dislike going out sometimes, I like staying at home on the weekends and relaxing and catching up with my favourite shows. I actually find it funny that people are complaining already when it has only been a week. Please remember that there are people that are forced to go to work in this current situation. So be grateful, take advantage of it and stay home and be safe. Here's how to pass time whilst, working from home, social distancing and self isolating.


This is coming from the girl that has never actually finished a book before. Okay, I have probably finished one or two books in my life. I struggle to find a book that draws me in 100 precent, I loose interest easily. I prefer biographies. This is probably because they are more personal as they are usually about the authors. If you are just like me and you prefer biographies, here are some of my recommendations:

Ugly by Constance Briscoe

Beyond Ugly by Constance Briscoe

Heart and Hustle by Patricia Bright

Becoming by Michelle Obama

We're Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union


This is literally my favourite thing to do during the weekends. I catch up on all of my favourite shows with a glass of wine or a cocktail. Usually Blossom Hill or Malibu with pineapple. I am so happy that majority of all of my shows are back from their breaks. At the moment, these are the shows that I watching, I am a bit of a nerd so don't be too shocked.

Grey's Anatomy

Station 19

The Good Doctor




Here are some great shows and documentaries on Netflix that if you haven't watched yet you should.

The mind of Aaron Hernandez

Gone Girl

Once Upon a Time

Self made inspired by the life of Madam C.J. Walker

The trials of Gabriel Fernandez

The Umbrella Academy


On the Block


At the beginning of every year we all set ourselves up with new goals that we plan on achieving. Some of these goals are small and big. I am not saying go and start that company that you wanted to start if you haven't already, but start making plans, this can be small plans or big plans. Just make steps toward your goals. Take advantage of this opportunity and use it well.


If you are working from home, then you are lucky . You get to save your money. Your travel money and your lunch money, if you don't make lunch to work. Don't be like me and spend your money online, a lot of companies are trying to get people to spend their money by doing extreme discounts. Save your money and put it in your savings or put it toward something that you want or need.


Now, I am not saying staying at home is a holiday. But we should all take this opportunity to recharge our batteries and invest in our skin. Relax, get that 8 hours sleep a day. Wear your face mask whilst working from home and give your skin some TLC.


Learn, something new. Learn to bake or learn to cook. Use that recipe book that you have never opened before. If you don't have a recipe book use Google, YouTube, BBC, or an already made dessert mixture or Instagram (For simple and health recipes follow: HealthyFoods ( and Eatwaybetter ( on Insta.


Finally, you should stay safe and follow the government and professionals' advice.

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