How to Style Leather Leggings

I honestly can not believe I have not posted anything on my blog for nearly 3 months. It's been slightly difficult trying to do 3 things at once. As you may already know I just started Youtube recently and ( well if you are new here then this is news to you, but yes, I also have a Youtube channel, check it out) it's been extremely difficult trying to focus on my youtube channel and at the same time trying to focus on my blog. Honestly, posting a post on my blog is much easier than filming a video once a week.Trying to balance the two can get overwhelming sometimes.

But true be told, I really have missed my blog, I missed sitting on my bed at night time and just typing.I hate to admit it but I have just been sitting on my bed at night just watching Netflix. Don't get me wrong I enjoy my new hobby filming videos for my channel. It's just that sometimes it takes so much energy out of me. Filming is new to me.I am always making mistakes/errors, then spending a long time attempting to fix them. I have a regular 9-5 job as well, so I usually spend my weekends especially Saturdays focusing on my Insta, my youtube channel or my blog. Sundays are usually my days off. I just relax and focus on my skincare routine. But I think I am going to change that now, I will now try (key word 'try') and focus on my blog every Sunday at least and still take care of my skin.

Okay well enough rambling now, let's talk about 'how you can style black leather leggings', thats why you click on this post, right? So, let me tell you how you can style leather black leggings.

Black leather leggings can be styled in so many different ways. You just have to start playing around with items inside your wardrobe to find a suitable items that will go perfectly well with your leather legging. Here's a tip, make sure that you get a wet look leather legging, you can easily pair them with literally anything and create a very stylish and trendy look. The best place to pick yourself a nice pair is from Missguided. The matte leather leggings are decent, but I just think they are bit outdated in my opinion and they are also difficult to style with everyday pieces. Wet look leather leggings, go well with oversized hoodies ( any colour), an oversized blazer + a nice graphic tee, a nice mesh long sleeve top, dad trainers and chunky ankle boots. Literally anything oversized goes well with wet look faux leather leggings, even an oversized top and shirt, which you can find anywhere.

Outfit info: Oversized sweater: Urban Outfitter

Faux Leather leggings: Missguided

Chunky Ankle Boots: Zara

Just so you all know, I have posted a 'How to Style Leather Leggings' video on my Youtube channel. Which will show you how you can style your leather leggings in different ways. It's a quick lookbook video, so check it out. Some outfits in the video are inspired by autumn/fall as well. I know I have just written about it here, but sometimes we all like seeing things virtually. It gives us a greater understanding of things. See what I have written about here come to life. Check out my video below :

Once again thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog or to even visit my blog. I will start posting more now. I am back andI think I have got my mojo back. Sitting down on my bed right now with my duvet on my lap and the lights switched off just made me realise that I actually missed writing and generally talking about fashion.

Well bye guys, thanks again x bf

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