It was my birthday and I am still twenty something. With everything going on in the world I am honestly gratefully to see another year and I thank God. But OMG finding a place to celebrate my birthday was extremely difficult this year with the pandemic going on. Even though, the government has lifted lockdown it was annoying and irritating looking for a place. All theses new guidelines that the government has put in place made it difficult to even book a table at a restaurant. It was hard to find a place that would allow you to bring a large group of people. Some restaurants would only allow me to book a table if me and my friends were from the same household. Which was weird. Some would not even allow me to book a table of 6+. Originally, I wanted to invite 8 people to my birthday dinner, but I had to cut it down to 6 people.

My friend acted as my event planner and helped me out with finding a restaurant . She's good with things like that and she knows loads of posh, elegant and nice restaurants. She looked for many restaurants across London and came across China Tang at Mayfair.

This restaurant was extremely beautiful but slightly hidden. When I got out of my Uber I did not even see the restaurant, until the Uber driver pointed it out. But inside the restaurant is very big, elegant and traditional. This is a Japanese restaurant and when you walk inside the restaurant its easy to see all elements of the Japanese culture everywhere, on the wall and even the furnitures.

I wish I took some pictures of my food and my cocktail but unfortunately I didn't. But I had Vegetarian Fried Rice with Chicken in Lemon Sauce.The food was absolutely yummy and it was actually filling. I did play it safe, I don't like being too adventurous especially when I go to restaurants that I have never been to before. Now, the dessert was a different story. For the dessert me and my friends decided to be adventurous. For some reason, we all ordered the Chocolate Dumpling. I don't know why we all decided to order the same dessert. I think it's because we did not know what the other desserts were, we thought we were being safe with the desserts. But oh boy, were we wrong. I could not even bite it, it did not look appetising and it was an actual dumpling with dark chocolate inside it YUCK!. It was so chewy and not what I was expecting. Let's just say that was not a sweet dessert.

Chocolate Dumpling

Chocolate Dumpling

A part from the dessert, I really enjoyed my birthday.It was just nice going outside again, dressing up and seeing my friends again. It was a small gathering with some of my closes friends and I truly enjoyed their accompany. I honestly loved the restaurant as well, the service was great and the staff were friendly ( not that friendly when they are trying to get you out of the restaurant in order to close the restaurant).

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