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I will be spilling the tea on 5 denim styles that everyone needs in their wardrobe. Well, not all of them (above, I am wearing my favourite dad jeans ,cropped at the bottom. Short girl friendly).

1. Then Skinny Jeans with frayed hem

We all have a regular skinny jeans in our wardrobe, but the skinny jeans with frayed hem is an improved version of the regular skinny jeans that we all need to add to our jeans collection. The extra detail adds some sort of edginess to an everyday look. it can easily be dressed up or down with a pair of heels, causal trainers or ankle boots .The frayed hem does all of the talking for you

2. The Balloon leg jeans

I understand that this style is not for everyone and it might not suit everyone, but I am totally here for it. This 80s inspired look is definitely risky and difficult to find the correct fit. However, as long as you look for the high rise version with extra room in the thigh area and tight/narrow around the ankle area to create an illusion of a balloon you will be fine. I would say size up, if you want a baggy look. Roll up the the bottom to create a stylish and trendy look and pair it with eye popping heels or a pair of dad trainers (AKA the ugly trainers ).

3. The Mom jeans

The mom jeans is not new, it has been around for decades, it is still one of the most worn jeans in the world. It can literally become your everyday jeans if you find the right fit for your body shape. I would suggest that you get the high rise/waisted one to snatch in your waist and fold the the bottom to your ankle ( not all of them need to be folded) and add some anklets to give your overall outfit a bit of life. Pair this with any shoes, heels, trainers or scandals and throw on a hoodie, an oversized tee or something fitted. Do whatever works for you.

4. Straight leg jeans

There's not much to say about the straight leg jeans, it's literally is what it says it is straight leg jeans. It's a straight outline that runs to the bottom. Unlike a regular skinny jeans this one provides extra room around the thighs and hips area. Like all of the jeans above, it can be paired with any type of shoes. RiverIsland has the best straight leg jeans.

5. Dad jeans

We have the boyfriend jeans, the girlfriend jeans, the mom jeans and now we have the typical American dad jeans. This jeans is oversized and slouchy like the the mom jeans. Much like the mom jeans it might not be considered as fashionable, but if it styled the right way it can definitely become fashionable. It might not be short girl friendly, but it would definitely look great on a tall girl.

Let me know which style you would rock in the comment section below:

Here are some heels that would great with these jeans.

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Beverley x.

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