In this post I will be talking about my daily skincare routine. Before, I get into it I should start by telling you bit about my skin. I have oily skin and this can be a nightmare. I remember a few years ago my skin began to breakout. I don't know what triggered it. I don't know if it was food, the weather, stress, hormones or the environment that I was working in. Maybe it was a combination of everything. All I knew was that I wanted the breakouts to stop. I began to try out new products and looked at recommendations online. Some of these products would work for a few weeks and then it would make my face worst again. I even visited Skin Beauty Clinic for a consultation and I was considering paying a lot of money to treat my skin because I could not bear to look at myself in the mirror anymore. I did not recognise myself anymore. The spots were leaving visible dark scars on my face. I became paranoid, I thought everyone was looking at my scars when they were speaking to me. Some of my friends would even ask "What happened to your face?, your skin used to be decent."

"what happened to your face? Your skin used to be decent."

I decided to take matters into my own hands and I began to carry out a research on some of the products that I was using. I researched the ingredients and I realised that some of the ingredients were too harsh for my skin. Some of the chemicals and acids were not beneficial for my skin at all, they were causing more damage than good to my skin.

So I began a new journey, again. This time I decided to use only natural products and products that have a few chemicals in them but more natural ingredients. Now, I am going to be completely honest, some of these products worked for a while but then it would stop working immediately, this became irritating and repetitive. As annoying and frustrating as this was I continued to use different natural products. Unit I came across these godsent products that I have listed below.


Everyone knows that shea butter is good for you hair and skin. I use this product every night. Shea Butter is extremely oily, so I don't use it during the daytime. Shea butter, calms down breakouts, stops spots from reoccurring and fades away dark scars. Shea butter can be purchased in any store. However, it is important that it is purchased from the right place. I get my from Ghana, so I know that it is authentic. It has a distinctive smell that a lot of people dislike. Most companies try and get rid of this smell by diluting the product and as a result, this weakens the product and you don't get the full benefits. The best place to purchase shea butter is from The BodyShop.


A good facial wash is essential to having a good skin. I have used many face wash products, so I can say that I am an expert. Out of all of the products that I have used this one is the best one. I love using it in the morning when my skin feels dehydrated, it instantly hydrates and wakes up my skin. It leaves my skin glowing, soft and squeaky clean. This product is extremely gentle so it can be used day and night. This product can be purchased at The BodyShop.


I am surprised that a lot of people don't use tissue face mask, they are amazing. Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask is my favourite mask. I do try different masks, but I always reach for this one over and over again. I LOVE this product because it's hydrating, it reduces fine lines and it has a long lasting effect. I use this once a week, and whenever I apply and remove my make-up. This is usually on a weekend because I know I am going to get a good night sleep (the product work better this way). Garnier has a range of Moisture Bomb mask, each mask provides different benefits. It all depends on what you looking for.


I have tried so many different face toners, it's unbelievable. I discovered this product 4 years ago and I have never looked back. A lot of brands have there own version of Witch Hazel toners, but they tend to be harsh on the skin. The Care Plus version is amazing, it's gentle on the skin and it reduces the amount of oil on the skin. This is definitely beneficial for someone that has oily skin. This product can be purchased at Superdrug or at any pharmacy.


Finding a prefect face cream can be extremely difficult. It's like the Goldilocks and the three bears story, you can never find the one that is just right. Olay's whip range comes in 3 different formulas. During winter my skin becomes dry the Olay Regenerist Whip Light As Air Moisturiser For Firmer Skin keeps my skin hydrated. In summer, my skin becomes very oily and I use Olay Total Effects Whip Light As Air Moisturiser 7 Benefits, it stops my skin from getting oily.


Everyone should invest in a good face mask. My favourite face mask is the Mask of Magnaminty from Lush. I only use this product when my skin is acting up, Its completely natural so it's great for the skin. It reduces the size of spots drastically. Also it smells great and that's a bonus. This product can only be purchased at LUSH.


I am totally obsessed with this product. Again, it all natural and it works wonders on problematic skin.It makes the skin feel soft and clean instantly. LUSH is known for using natural ingredients to create their products and for caring about the planet. When you return 5 clean empty pots they give you a free face mask in exchange and they reuse the pots .This Product can be purchase at LUSH.

Above are all of the products that I use daily and these have worked for me for a very long time. My skin is in a great place at the moment ( touch wood) it's not prefect but its back to what it used to be. Remember what might work for me might not work for you. However, if you have a problematic skin and you have tried loads of products, I would advise you to continue trying new products and recommendations . There is a product out there for everyone, you just have to find it and that the difficult bit.

I have listed some products that I have used in the past, these products are just as good, gentle and natural as the products that I have listed above.

If you try any of these products mentioned in this post, please let me know in the comment section below and if you have any questions, let me know.

Thank you for stopping by and see you soon.

Beverley x.

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